The wines of South America

Taste the culture of the Andes -
Chile and Argentina

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The wines of South America

Taste the culture of the Andes -
Chile and Argentina

Chile is a land of great contrasts, from the hot, dry Atacama Desert in the north, to the cool, damp Patagonia Mountains in the south. Bordered by the Andes on the East and the Pacific Ocean on the west, this temperate climate in the middle is perfect for growing grapes. Although they have a long history of wine production, it was put on hold for quite a few years but is now back in a big way and a powerful force to contend with.

Flying the short distance to Mendoza, Argentina you will have a very different experience. Although Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, 75% of their wine production centers around the area of Mendoza so you can stay VERY busy visiting wineries as they have more than a thousand wineries.

Wine is always best when paired with the delicious local food and you can enjoy unusual cultural experiences by visiting one of the estancias on the pampas. From ranches to big cities such as Buenos Aires which is referred to as the Paris of South America, these two countries will offer incredible scenery and experiences.

I am planning a wine group departure for April 2017 to these two fabulous countries and would love to have you join me. Keep checking back and the full itinerary will be revealed shortly.



Chile’s most traditional wine valley and home to many famous wineries that produce many of the finest red varieties. The multi-course wine and multi-course spreads they offer in a beautiful outdoor setting will make you wish you could stay indefinitely.


Casablanca Valley is the second closest valley to Santiago, and lies west en rout to the Pacific Coast. Similar climate to the central coast of California, the micro-climate is ideal for white wine production. Stay overnight in the scenic port town of Valparaiso.


The scenery makes for a peaceful time touring. The harmonious natural landscape of thick vegetation along with those modified by man offer a unique blend. The districts of Maipu and Lujan de Cuyo offer large plantations of vineyards and fruit trees. The variation of elevation and climate produce a wide variety of wines.

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