Rhinos and Winos

A once in a lifetime wine adventure
to South Africa

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Rhinos and Winos

A once in a lifetime wine adventure
to South Africa

This magnificent, highly specialized journey to the Winelands of South Africa is designed for the avid wine enthusiast to discover this up-and-coming region through the eyes of its most renowned viticulturists.  This area is spectacularly beautiful, set amidst glorious mountains and charming Cape Dutch architecture.

Guided by a local expert, you will go behind the scenes of the country’s wine culture and learn what makes South Africa so special and unique.  A suggested itinerary may start off with the first three days dedicated to intimate tastings at a handpicked array of delightful wine estates.  Not only will you enjoy an extensive list of wines along the journey, you will have a new understanding and appreciation of this fascinating country.

Of course you will also enjoy the beautiful city of Cape Town, and what kind of a trip would it be without the once in a lifetime experience of a 3night/4 day safari in Kruger National Park to top this experience off.  Stay right among the Big Five!

For every tour I hand-pick luxurious accommodations which are filled with character and charm, chosen for location, style and ambiance.  Your dining experiences will be top-notch and will give you a delightful insight into the gastronomic best.  Of course as always, you may chose to add many other sights such as Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park.



This district has retained its distinct French Huguenof character. Regarded as the “culinary capital” of the Cape, the food and wine pairing meals will be quite a treat.


An area that boasts a winemaking tradition which stretches back to the end of the 17th century. The mountainous terrain, good rainfall, deep well drained soils make this a sought after viticulture area. The mix of historic estates and contemporary wineries produces excellent examples of all the noble grape varieties.


Dubbed the valley of vines and roses, it is lime rich soils make the area eminently suitable for racehorse stud farming and of course, grape growing.

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