South Pacific
Jun 08, 2016  By support 

The South Pacific Island evoke visions of brilliant turquoise waters, remote hideaways, lush tropical rainforests, majestic uninhabited islands and beaches fringed with swaying palm trees. Discover the beaches, reefs and rainforests and be charmed by the happiest people on earth in Fiji.     FIJIAN ISLANDS The Fijian Islands are also an absolutely fantastic place […]

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Australia and New Zealand
Jun 07, 2016  By support 

Life is precious, time is short and we all deserve to get out there and do what we’ve always wanted to do.  Would you like to spend time with friendly, down to earth people, walk along pristine beaches and dive among the coral reefs teeming with aquatic life?  Well, this destination offering nature at it’s […]

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Embark on a delectable journey to Southeast Asia
Jun 06, 2016  By support 

What better way to experience Southeast Asia than a dedicated culinary tour to savor its tapestry of tastes, colors and smells? This gastronomic odyssey is designed for gourmet enthusiasts with an appetite for cooking, eating and adventure. Come taste your way through the exotic cities of Thailand and Vietnam, navigate canal markets as you shop […]

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The Americas
Jun 05, 2016  By support 

    MEXICO A destination that is so close, yet makes you feel so far away. A warm tropical paradise rich in culture and history remind us that life at a slower pace is what we really crave. Whether you are looking for a white sand beach to relax or explore Aztec and Mayan ruins, […]

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Jun 04, 2016  By support 

The animal kingdom is quite a wonder but experiencing wildlife in their native habitat and visiting tribal cultures will provide everlasting memories. The word “safari and wildlife” immediately makes people thing of Africa and rightly so. However, there are many other countries that offer abundant wildlife including the Galapagos Island, rainforests of Costa Rica, Amazon, […]

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