Traveler’s Guide to Coffee Around the World
Mar 21, 2018  By support 

Your Cup Of Joe Around The World Traveler’s Guide to Coffee Around the World Travelling can be exhausting. Whether it’s an early train ride to the next city or the third full day of touring the Louvre, sometimes even non-coffee drinkers need a pick-me up in the form of that caffeinated nectar of the gods. […]

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Wine is an Individual Adventure for Your Palette
Feb 07, 2018  By support 

I was approached by a lovely lady well over 30 years ago who asked me to plan a trip to France taking in some of the various wine regions in that country. My ignorance was such that I had NO idea just how many wonderful regions in France grow fabulous wine, nor did I know […]

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A Proven Way To More Happiness
Jan 24, 2018  By support 

We know that travel comes with a host of great benefits: you get to spend time with people you love; you get to see new things and try new things; you get to relax away from the pressures of work and everyday life; you get the thrill of realizing dreams you may have had for […]

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We Travel Not to Escape our Lives, but to Find Ourselves
Jan 10, 2018  By support 

Looking back over the year 2017, I am slightly overwhelmed by the changes, challenges and cherished memories that this year has held. I have wanted an opportunity to thank you-my wonderful travel clients, not only for your continued business but also for your patience and understanding during a time of great sadness and loss of […]

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Important information for first time travelers
Jan 22, 2017  By support 

This year many travelers will be flying or cruising to international destinations for the first time in their lives. If you do not know what you are doing, this can be very overwhelming, intimidating and downright scary without the assistance of a good travel agent. Here is some advice to get you off in the […]

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